Saturday, September 11, 2010

The Good in Not so Good

So, I've been posting a bit about finding my astral place. It is quite a place.

I know how and why that space is mine. Therefore, I think I can figure out where others have theirs. Though, I trust my original method of finding the places of others more than such reasoning.

In the past, I have stated that I trust myself when I feel compelled or challenged to do something I don't want to do. Following what I want to do is more likely to be my lower self or an ego trap. Now, I'm not so sure. Those sort of prompts can just as easily be closer to one's true nature or prompts to mistakes one needs to make in order to uncover that nature. During a recent trip to my place, I had a thought of something I wanted to do. The thought's 'voice' was strong. I immediately rejected it for the reasons above. Then I thought, that it is silly to reject a thought because I like it. What kind of masochistic destructive self-doubting pattern is that? So, I followed the thought and found something positive.

The downside is that when I find myself between that severity and mercy, I learn. However, at work, I have had severe problems with severity. I remain imbalanced towards severity. I have a plan to solve that problem. I think I have a clue how to permanently solve it. I am hoping it doesn't get worse in the process.

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