Thursday, September 16, 2010

Getting Burned

I haven't blogged as much of late.  Things have not been good. I've been a cranky ass. It has been very difficult to be pleasant.

My problem, I think, is that I succeeded in finding a way up the tree but I went too far too fast. I am fortunate in that I have seen the forces that conflict within me in a different light. I've seen them from within and from without. I've learned about the expansion of love and severity of the sword. I've learned, actually I knew long before this, that I lean to the latter in non-physically violent ways. I have little choice now but to repair some damage I did to myself as I was learning.

Back then, I vibrated the names of Geburah a lot. I did this through fear. I thought the best way to learn magick was to build strength first. I needed to 'protect myself' from whatever I may find 'up there' on the astral. I was too green to understand but apparently talented enough to get some energy moving. I never balanced that on the other side. Now, I have little choice.

Seeing the need is one thing. Going through the emotional turmoil is another. The impact that can have on those around me is difficult for me. As I said, I think I went too far. On the other hand, if I can get there and I did get there maybe I was meant to be there. Maybe now is the time I need I need to learn. I do welcome the lesson.

Regardless, it has made me quiet, lonely, angry and fearful.

Oddly, the joy of past lessons peaks through. I can be in a great fun, loving mood in an instant but then fall back. In that joy, there is hope.


Anonymous said...

Per aspera ad astra.

Gwynt-Siarad said...

I met you in the sunny glade,
we talked and laughed till the sun hath fade.
Now in your night,
I pull out my lantern and give you a little light.
I stand with you in the midnight glade,
our friendship will never fade.


Don't think it's just you,I,am going through the same shit but following a different path