Sunday, September 19, 2010

What was Lost is Now Found!

A couple of weeks ago, I had dream. of an angel. I showed it the ring I had made when I experienced my first HGA contact. There was a discussion about various aspects of the design. None of that conversation was remembered the next morning.  I woke up and the ring was gone. I am open to the idea that the ring was off my finger, my body noticed and created a dream. I never take off the ring so it would be an unusual sensation.

During that time, I was working on a decision. I was waffling.

With the ring gone, my HGA was more on my mind. I realized my focus on the Helpful Deity distracted me from my HGA. As I burned the occasional bowl of incense to HD, I wondered what incense I could burn for my HGA. Why hadn't I put as much effort into my HGA as HD? These are good questions. However, I don't think they were relevant to the ring issue.

Tonight, I did the laundry. I've done the laundry several times since I lost the ring. The first thing I pulled out of the hamper kicked out my ring. It literally 'flew' out of the hamper and banged off a metal bar. It made a bell-like sound alerting me to its presence. It made a bell-like sound alerting me to its presence. There is no way the ring could not have been wrapped up in that piece of clothing for two weeks. It was clean when I lost the ring. As soon as I put on the ring, I realized that I had made the decision I was hesitating about. Yes, their is a link between that ring and the decision.

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