Monday, September 6, 2010

My Place on the Astral

Earlier today, I posted that I would seek my place on the astral. For various healing workings, I've been able to find the astral home of my targets and heal from there. I do not go into this with preconceived notions. I have no targeted location. Some locations I would not have guessed but made perfect sense in retrospect, given how well I know the people involved.

Given that I haven't been feeling well physically, been depressed emotionally and the obsession is testing me in another form, though on the same topic, I thought it would be a good idea to work on some self-healing. I traveled through the same symbol honestly curious as to where I would end up.

I am not comfortable revealing much about that place here. I will say I have an understanding of the inner tension I have always felt. I understand how I can be so merciful in some situations and yet be so very combative in others. I asked Raphael to do some healing. The image I received was basically one that could have been been handled by a common sign, "Under Construction". I had the feeling these are not quick fixes. That is okay.

I was also shown a blockage that keeps my heart so closed sometime. There is a path to walk. Yet to do would be complete presumptuous at this point in my career. I may do it anyway. I am tired of my closed heart.

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PhoenixAngel said...

I am so sorry you have felt down dear friend. ((hugs))