Saturday, March 6, 2010

Taphqiel Angel of Binah

I used the Poke Runyon technique here.

I did get a very brief glimpse of a helmed head. This would not have made sense to me had I not has the a previous revelation about three aspects of myself. He she or it told me that I needed to speak to a Saturn angel rather than it. But it did say that it would explain of those aspects to me. It tried but I could not understand. I asked it to show me in another way. It told me I'd see the proper aspect of this in my life towards the end of the month.

Edit: It did tell me that I could work with the forces of Saturn any day of the week. 


Anonymous said...

What does the Saturn angel represent? You also alluded to the idea that you might work with the angel during any time of week. Is one day better than another?

Rufus Opus said...

Taphqiel? Or Tzaphqiel? If you're apelling it wrong, it might get you a different spirit. I'm thinking it was probably a blog typo though. The QBL spirits are functions of their letters combined to present a specific force, or so it seems when I Work with the Archangels using the Bill Heidrick-GD-Crowley names for the Archangels of the spheres.

Frater POS said...

RO blog typo but Tzaphqiel is WAY up there on the tree. Likley out of my league to reach. It was worth a shot.

Anonymous -- saturn is often a force of restriction but another word for that is focus. It is also the realm of death and is considered malevolent.

When dealing with some forces, above the lunar level, ceremonial magicians tend to work on the planetary day (Saturday for Saturn) and even the planetary hour while facing the physical direction of the planet as it currently resides in they sky. This is said to enhance contact.

Rufus Opus said...

I've worked with Tzaphqiel and haven't had any more problems than any other Planetary Intelligence. I think it's in your league. You talk to Metatron, and he's a step down from Ratziel, right? And you've conjured a Shem angel. I would expect you to have no problems. People in my Courses didn't ahve any particular difficulty getting in touch with Cassiel of Saturn, and some had very little experience indeed.