Friday, March 12, 2010

Oh Goetia!

It seems some time ago, I called up on them thar beings from the Lesser Key. This is a spirit of house and home, protection, that sort of thing.

My Gal was in desperate need of a car at one point and I had an old junker laying around and reasoned that since she and it were part of my house and home, this spirit should take care of the car too. The bill to get it running was $150 when the previous estimate was $450. It had it's problems but whenever My Gal mentioned the spirit's name all became well.

My relationship with My Gal ended last July. She moved out in January and immediately had problems with the car. She fixed it several times and we kept delaying the  transfer of title in case we had to junk it. Finally she moved to a new city many hours away. The car broke down on the freeway. She towed it to the hotel. The hotel she was staying at towed the car as the license number wasn't on the registration card of the hotel. The tow company was a nightmare.

Today, the car was stolen.

This is the second time I've seen a car obtained through Lesser Key spirits that has had these issues, including being stolen, when the relationship split up. Even though the first vehicle I witnessed was called by one party, given to a second party when it wasn't needed anymore and was stolen when that second party's relationship ended.

Lesser Key spirits will kick you while you are down. I can see how my relationship ending resulted in the ordeals they did for My Gal. After all, I called the spirit to aid with my house and home and she and the car are not longer part of that. I do not understand the link to the other example. Either way, it appears this class of spirit will kick folks when they are down.

So far, very little problems for me but the odd details have been duly noted.


Jason Miller, said...

Dude, you are attributing way to much human emotion to them. They are following the rules. The car was part of your house and home. Now its not. It is not under their protection anymore. If you want it to be, than just summon the spirit again and tell it to help her out. But don't blame the spirit for following the rules that you laid down.

Frater POS said...

I am not attributing the emotion. I am attributing the rules I laid down, which was to protect my hearth and home. Once she feel out of that, they stopped playing. Had I realized it in time, I would have changed things.

However, it is odd that two break-ups resulted in the same pattern with different people and different spirits.

Rufus Opus said...

The Goetia spirits aren't kicking anyone when they are down. It's how you did the magic that caused the end result, as you state in your post.

This "blaming" of the Lesser Key spirits for poorly-performed magic is not useful for magicians. Saying that they kick people when they're down gives the wrong impression entirely. Saying, "They stick to the rules" is a lot more accurate.

I think the Sub-Lunar spirits need to be handled more carefully than I have recently, and that working with them can be tricky. There are ramifications and constraints to the operations that aren't well-documented.

But these little idiosyncrasies aren't going to be explored and documented if every time something goes "wrong," people write off using the Goetia because the spirits are flawed. They are doing exactly what they manifest to do. It takes Work to gain expertise in this system, just like any other.

They're obviously a powerful set of spirits to work with. The rites are successful, even when people don't like how things turn out. Used appropriately with the proper safeguards and strategy in place, they are great to work with.