Friday, March 26, 2010

Attitude Change?

When I presented at Pantheacon this year, I made a few of those self-printing business cards. Across the top it said something a bit cheesy like Magician - Seeker - Tarot Reader. I had to put something there as there was too much white space when left blank.

The word seeker bothered me. I have self-described that way for a long time. Spiritual Seeker. It doesn't feel right anymore. I have found quite a few things on my journey, wonderful things. One can not seek what has been found. I am not saying that I've found everything or even a large portion of whatever it was I was seeking. I am not a spiritual guru, the next messiah or even that much of a guide. "Seeker" no longer fits though. I count that as a mark of progress.

There isn't much to replace that with. Maybe next time "Doer of Strange Things" will be up at the top of that card.

I am also thinking of putting my real name and picture in this space maybe someday that will happen.


Jack Faust said...

I always love hanging out with another Doer of Strange Things. I'm sure you'll remain one of my favorites, man.

The Scribbler said...

"Seeker" sounds sounds like a clueless dupe who's just asking to be cult bait. You're an explorer. An explorer has tools(a compass!),supplies, and some outline maps of the territory with lots of blank spaces that only brave souls venture into. Instead of "seeker" maybe you could put "Explorer of uncharted realms".