Tuesday, March 16, 2010


The saga with the demon-aided car continues. Once it left my domain, it broke down repeatedly, got towed and got stolen.

Once I contacted  said spirit and instructed it to lay off, he's being cooperative. At least as soon as I did, we found out the car was not stolen. 

It was parked at an apartment complex by My Gal. It was towed by a security company. That company didn't have authority to tow it, didn't have any paperwork and didn't notify law enforcement. The company defied a deputy sheriff who told them to give it back or their license would be in jeopardy. The apartment complex corporate vp is fighting with the security company and the tow company to get it back. The security company is pretending not to be responsible. The tow company is being what appears to be illegally defiant and the apartment corporation is at its wits end.

The gist of the spirit's take is that he worked under orders given. However, once he is in contact with something (that then falls outside those parameters) his natural tendencies take over. There is not an emotional attachment as Jason Miller seemed to think I am implying. My Gal and I have parted on friendly terms. There was no poorly done magick on my part that RO is implying. This spirit has and continues to work well on my behalf. This is simply a spirit who's natural tendencies are not very helpful.

The problem may have been created because My Gal contacted my version of that spirit to gain its cooperation with the car. It obeyed her because she was part of my household at the time. However, she never called the spirit herself and enlisted it to her service. I am reminded of a chapter in one of Lon's books -- Never Share a Demon with a Friend.

At this point, this is my theory. My Gal may have to call it up and deal with it. If so, I will feel sorry for the demon. You do not want to be on the other end of a pissed of My Gal. Nor do you want to be on the other end of a female Thelemite. Well, you may want to be at THAT other end but not the angry other end, if you know what I mean.

Whatever their origins, the spirits of the lesser key are somewhat problematic in nature. I would not call any that I have dealt with evil. I prefer the term fractured.
As for RO's problem with his, well, this is why we disagree on how to work with them. I do not give them vast amounts of attention and energy by lighting candles to them regularly and coming up with a mission for them on  regular basis. Mine have one regular mission each. On occasion, I require further assistance from them. But for the most part, I treat them like my staff at work. I give them an assignment and get out of their way, with some discreet supervision of course.

Finally, one of the things I have learned through my work with magick is that you treat a thing for what it is. You do not pet an opossum

like you would a domestic cat, even if you have named the opossum, Fluffy.

(Pictures: Opossum from http://www.aaanimalcontrol.com and Cleo the cat is My Gal's fluffy cat.)

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Rufus Opus said...

Poorly done magic... That sounds worse than what I meant.

"Unintended consequences" is closer. You set up the spirits to work under a set of circumstances, and they did as long as the circumstances were valid. But when the circumstances changed, they removed their support/protection, and things fell to shit. You didn't mean for that to happen, you didn't plan it that way, but that's how it worked out in practice.

Hope that clarifies any misunderstanding of my opinion of your magical practice as it relates to the Lesser Key.