Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Ask Me Anything: Enochian

Question: What is your opinion on the various methods of employing Enochian Magick? For instance, Anton LaVey suggested the use of the Enochian Keys for obtaining specific, material goals, yet Crowley and the Golden Dawn employed the keys for very different purposes (ie, 'vel Chanokh'). Do you think that employing the Enochian Keys in the method of LaVey is dangerous and perhaps contrary to their original intent, or may it be considered a pragmatic and (some suggest) effective outgrowth of Enochiana (perhaps even revealing the original intent of the keys)? Thank you for your response. 93 93/93

When I learn magick tech, I learn magick tech. I try not to be overly concerned with what other people think it ought to be used for. However, I know enough of the history to know that Dee and Kelly were not successful using their own system for material ends. That may be a clue as to what it 'should' be used for. Probably not though. It should be used in whatever manner coincides with the magician's abilities and temperament.

As you read this, keep in mind I have only worked with the horizontal, vertical names on the tablet of union. I have also called two angels at once from the point their lines connected.

When I experienced the Enochian angels, they manifested as instructors in  how the universe was created. At no time did they hint that I could call on them for specific magickal practices. Well, save one. That basically told me to use a specific name as a matter of defense but warned me it must be in dire circumstances. To me, this name is basically the nuclear bomb of defense.

That being said. I learned some very practical magick from the Enochians. After the series of rites ended, I found myself listening to each of the horizontal angels of fire, air and water download a particular meaning of the tarot cards to me and how all the pips fit together. This is the basis for the talks on the tarot that I have done. Furthermore, the unique understanding of the aces has been of great practical benefit magically speaking. I can change almost anything by placing an ace between me and something else.

I am unfamiliar with LeVey's use of the keys. Even if I was familiar, commenting would be outside my area of competency.  I do not have enough experience with a variety of keys.

Enochian tip: In my experience they do not impart new information. They simply put things you already know together in new and interesting ways. Therefore, it is my theory that the more educated you are, the more you'd get from them. 

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Frater.Barrabbas said...

Frater POS -

How odd, I have been using the Enochian Calls to summon the Elementals for years. Used in conjunction with the lunar cycle, they are able to have a powerful effect on the material plane, just like talismanic magick. Just my two cents.

Frater POS said...

please note that I was careful not to imply that they could not or should not be used for that. Only that in my experience with the angels from the tablet of union, they did not manifest that way to me.

I hope to get back to the elemental tablets come spring time.

Athena said...

Perhaps because the tablet of union was a later addition to the GD system, so it may work differently. Also the keys/calls were given before the great table of names, and thought to be more likely used with the 49x49 tables instead.

I have found that the actual conjurations in the original MS are the best for calling the elemental Enochian spirits.

I have also found that the Enochian calls do in fact work well for spellwork also, but there never was a set method in the original diaries for which call is used for what (the GD came up with one later though) so we can use our own methods to decide which one is used for which purpose. LaVey's methodology is interesting, but could be enhanced using more Enochian I think :).