Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Ask My Anything: Astral Projection

Can you share your experience mastering astral projection? This question came from previous posts on the Stavish book which started this blog.

Well, I'd be happy to as soon as I actually master that. I had a few experiences with Stavish that lead me to believe in his methods. I'd recommend him highly. My problem with astral projection isn't technique. It lay with the issue I mention from time to time here.

I became 'distracted' after my initial successes. I distracted myself unconsciously. Though, if you go back and read those early blogs, you'll notice that I knew or thought I knew the problem lay within, that I was distracting myself. I have a fear of reliving that past trauma that occurred as I was approaching the gate so long ago, so much work ago, so many tears ago.

I posted about the lot reading that revealed this to me here. I've been doing trance work or as close as I can get to it. In hopes that prophecy holds true. I know she was right. What I don't know is if I will over come. Can I face that fear, that terror, another emotional break down that occurred at the malicious hand of another. This is something I do not know. This is something that will define my career as a magician. I have a lot of skills. I have the focus. I have the aspiration. I have the persistence. But do I have this? Consciously, yes, but that hasn't been my problem.

I know I will work on it until old age. Only time will tell. Only time will tell if I have the courage. Only time will tell if I ever have the courage to let anyone close enough to do that kind of damage again. The test is the same yet in two forms. To the test I say, A Double Welcome to You.

Time is running out.

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Astral Projectionist said...

I have been doing Astral projection for several years now and I haven't encountered any problems with my travels yet.

I know that someday you can also attain your success. Just don't give up practicing on whatever method you are trying to follow. It's because any method to astral project will actually work. Since you've mentioned fear, yes it is one of the greatest obstacle that you need to face and overcome.

The truth is, there's nothing to fear in the world of the astral plane because you can control everything. If you do have a lot of fear, then you'll create a world basing on this kind of behavior and you'll end up being awake on your physical body.