Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Sharing the Love

Last night, this blog was honored by reaching the century mark in subscribers. While in reality that is little different from the 99, it is fun to see the triple digits.

I'd like to take this opportunity to thank fellow bloggers Jason Miller, Rufus Opus, My Gal, Lavanah, Faust (or whatever he calls himself now) and  even former friend WitchDoctorJoe. I've learned a great deal from you all. Also, I'd like to thank the various commentators over the years that forced me to clarify my own thinking, write in a clearer manner, explore new avenues and offered voices of encouragement.

I've been able to be honest in this space with very few abusive comments left by readers. Given the unfiltered web, I find that to be amazing.That allows me to make a post about my own utter stupidity from time to time, one of which will be arriving in your inboxes in the relatively near future.

Thanks again.  

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Luiz Teles said...

I'm relatively new to the pursuit of the Great Work. I could only be called a fine artist, with a good scholarly study of Magick, not yet an initiate. By subscribing to yours, and some of the other blogs you've mentioned, I'm learning much about the actual practice. I am even preparing myself for a serious commitment to practicing what I'm learning.

So thank you for making your trials, errors and success public.