Saturday, March 20, 2010


Let's start with stupidity. black mirror and scrying through the mirror. The techique is Poke Runyon's in that you're supposed to see the entity in the mirror through you're own distorted face. My vision has never been that good. I did get a perfect pentagram once and some maybes in the mirror.

I then developed a plan to have all the sigils I needed on paper and hole punching the junction points. This would allow me to mark the junction points on the mirror quite easily. From there, all I had to do was connect the dots.

I made a few of them before I realized I was making sigils of their names using the rose cross. Problem? I was doing planetary spirits whose sigils are derived from Kameas! This is equivalent to mispelling an entities name. This is a serious error for a magician. Serious fricken error. Fortunately, I didn't call up anything using this flawed method.


Morgan Drake Eckstein said...

Oh, I so hate it when I do something stupid like that. And I have.

Frater IRH said...

I doubt it produced a negative kick back..? Did you have any bad experences from doing it that way? Stupid? Maybe, but you have learned from it, so then it becomes wisdom. I agree though, getting the magickal 'grammer' right is important. I'm also curious to know if intent would have still made the ritual successful despite the incorrectly wrtten sigil?
I like Poke Runyon, his video on Goetia was cool (despite the shameless promotion of his book - but hey, the guy has to eat!) Just a personal perpsective, seeing an entity in the mirror is....umm...ONE way of doing it. It is a safe(ish) way, but ultimatly the spirit will simply implant ideas and impressions in our subconscious mind. The skill is knowing 'their' voice from your own. Just my few cents worth...


Frater IRH

Anonymous said...

You and others have referred to the Poke Runyan method but I am still not sure what you are doing. Can you please provide a little more detail