Monday, February 15, 2010

Pantheacon Presentation: The Reviews are In

Frankly, the 9:00 AM Monday start time was not too fun. Given 80 peopled showed up the 11:00 AM Monday talk last year, I was disappointed by the 30 to 40 this year.

That aside, I did have several people from last year's class go out of their way during the weekend to let me know how much the enjoyed it. That validation made me feel pretty good.

The class went very very well. The jokes, which I considered pretty poor, were received with polite laughter and a few genuine outbursts and chuckles. This was more than I expected. The presentation simply didn't lend itself to humor.

It was a great deal of fun to see the lights of realization to turn on at various point during the presentation but the real fun came when it was over. It is no exaggeration that 90% of the attendees asked for my card so they could stay in touch or be sent  more information. As if that wasn't satisfying enough, these were the comments:

One man told me that my presentation made the expense and effort of attending the Con worth it all by itself.

Two people asked me if I had a dvd of the presentation they could buy so they could watch it at their leisure. They wanted to digest all the material.

Another told me that all the information he'd been reading had been disjointed and I'd just handed him a map that made everything make sense. He want on to say that I've given him many many hours of material to meditate on.

Giving someone a map to use made every effort associated with learning the material and organizing it into a presentation worth it! This is what Lon DuQuette's writing and tutelage have done for me. Giving that gift to someone else is an incredible high.

I am now more excited than ever to get back to the work on the book.

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