Sunday, February 21, 2010

Original Sin

I've never bought the concept of original sin and how it is used to condemn the new born in the eyes of Christianity.

For one odd reason or another, the concept occurred to me while driving today. I have noticed that the problems everyone faces on the path of personal alchemy almost always is the result of some interaction with others. This then causes some questionable behavior, which repeats the cycle with someone else. I have never seen a case of questionable behavior on one party's part that didn't result in a learning opportunity for another party's part on some deep seated issue. So, this isn't always a long-term negative. Unless the lesson can not learned by the other party but I digress.

The idea I had is simpler. If you follow the pain we cause each other from stepping on each other's toes in reverse, it would be a long linear line stretching back into history. At some point, you'd find the first person that stepped on someone's metaphorical toes. Is this the root cause of the human condition?

These are just random thoughts I have from time to time and I thought I'd share them here.

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Suecae Sounds said...

'Is this the root cause of the human condition?'

Partly I think it is. Partly I think there is more to it then cause and effect. More then a mechanical universe where 'the sins of our fathers' are repeated down trough the generations.

But it certainly gives food for thought.