Sunday, February 21, 2010


Tonight, I adopted the Poke Runyon method for goetic evocation to Kedemel. I didn't do the full rite of course. I simply used a black mirror with the sigil of Kedemel fashioned out of white crayon. I chanted a spontaneous chat and conjured the spirit.

She would not let me see her as I had not done the proper rites but said that it is unlikely she could have appeared to me anyway. I told her that I wanted to reconcile her energies and stop suppressing them. She wasn't impressed.

Her mantra was that my problem is that I am not in proper relations with the people in my life, my various levels of the soul and other unnamed things. Her job was to put me in proper relations. Once that occurs, my communications will be better along with my frustrations. I could feel something odd occur as she worked on aligning my subtle bodies. The feeling can only be described like a chiropractor's alignment of the spine. There were distinct feelings of the bodies moving.

Towards the end I heard, "You are within the Grace of God". The Grace of God is a title of Haniel, archangel of Netzach where Venus (Nogah) resides on the tree of life. There was a feeling of deep peace at this. I KNOW I made connection with an angel of Netzach, which is reasonably far up the tree.  I am very much still in an 'open' state of mind.

I will use this method of achieving a trance state again. The method needs some fine tuning to work best but this was a jolly good first try.

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V. said...

Kedemel is of course the spirit of the planet Venus. There is really and truly no need to go through that means to contact the planetary intelligence. I am not going to lay down how but the the sigil you used needs to be combined with the planetary seal and the square with the planetary symbol if you are going to get a any where with this.You need to invoke not the spirit but the intelligence. This is all i can tell you at the moment. You have to choose which influence you want o be involved with. and how you want things to be rectified, and how you want this energy to manifest. Venus isn't the only planet associated with friendships or rectifying families or removing problems with others. The sun, Jupiter, and actually Saturn (its positive aspects) all do the same thing as well. Find out your solar sign, get you natal chart done and look at the houses and what they are ruled by and see the planet associated with that sign. These are the keys to unlocking your full potential without change in that area, you move further on when you need somethign to be enhanced. you don't need your subtitle spiritual bodies adjusted. You need to see how your spiritual body is already operating and see if there is a need for personal improvement, cleansing, or spell work, and if its needed spiritual evocation or invocation.
I am 19 and I've always have been taught by my spiritual guides that evocation or summoning should be a last resort. Get intouch with the Angels or intelligences of your sun and moon sign. Write down their sigls and keep them closest to you. Then move on to the others. You must open your eyes before you can view the world.