Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Mentor, Jason and Metatron

Today, I finally got back on the job of expanding the tarot class for Pantheacon. I had a very difficult time getting started. I put it off for weeks. Finally I could wait no longer and yet still, no effort.

I went to my Jason inspired altar/prayer room/library, and asked Metatron for some help Monday night. He immediately told me not to work on it that night. Instead, I was to come home after work today, eat and then after a short bit of doing nothing, enter the altar room. I was to light the "God" candles at the top and foot of the altar as well as, the candles for tipereth and netzach. He instructed me to meditate on the Netzach candle and pore breath the fire.

All this I did. I also listened to the instruction to keep the Netzach candle burning as I worked. My writing was inspired, easy and, if I must say so myself, damn good. This act of willed creativity was the result of my mentor's teaching and patience with me without which I'd never have been able to reach Metatron, Metatron himself and Jason's ideas that inspired the altar.

Note: I also realized that I often am thankful to my mentor for putting up with me. I just realized that I've done a pretty good job of putting up with him too! I often fail to give myself credit where it is due. So this time, I thought I'd acknowledge it as part of being more balanced.

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