Sunday, February 14, 2010

Live From Pantheacon

I spent an hour in the tarot reading tables on Friday and didn't get a paying nibble. Though three hours of mostly sitting there today yielded three reads for a tidy sum that helped defer the cost of the event. I learned some tricks for next year, assuming they invite me back.

Most importantly, I NAILED the readings and deeply feel I helped a couple of people significantly. Isn't that what it is all about? Serving others is really cool when you really know you've been an aid to someone. My last read ended the reading by asking me if I was writing a book. It felt nice that someone thought enough of what I did for her to leap to the conclusion that I had something to say.

I also received a reading from Elisheva Nesher. She is a Hebrew lot reader 'of the people'. She is damn good and nailed my issues to the wall. I was really impressed! More importantly she indicated a way out that I have already begun to do. She also added some things that, while they make sense, never occurred to me to do.

I am always a bit taken aback when I deal with diviners over my 'issue'. She displayed the classic signs. When she first found the issue, the emotions that flashed across her face were pain, anger and sadness. When she saw the resolution, there was an air of deep respect. I never ask about these things but I do notice them. I may blog more about that reading after  I return. I must admit I've had more than a bit too many to make a competent decision on the matter at the moment.

My presentation is on Monday. Hopefully, this will go well.

I also spent some time in the Thelema hospitality suite listening to a fellow talk on the qlippoth. Simply awesome stuff. I hope he keeps in contact. The man has done the work and has something to say.

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