Friday, February 19, 2010


I gave her a jingle this evening.

Like Taphthartharath, I used a simple meditation. Unlike that working, I used the hierarchy.

The first spirit in the chain sent me on but did tell me not to follow Kedemel but to reconcile. Ominously, he said following her can get one killed. Hagiel moved me on without comment. Kedemel is rather full of herself. She told me she should be focussed on etc. I blew her off. She then told me that my problems come from suppressing her. Then babbled more about how she should be exalted.

Naturally, this is all b.s. The truth may be contained in the suppressing comment. However, I'm not sure if I hit her or just some lower phantom and garbage. It is likley the lower but I will observe myself over the next few days and see if there are any manifestations like Taphthartharath.

We'll see but I'm REALLY skeptical here. It reminds me of the b.s. one normally gets when one is at the beginning of the work.

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