Sunday, January 31, 2010


I came home today after a one day run out of town to go to a housewarming party at the Druid's new place. I also attended their Imbolc right. As I am more of a magician rather than pagan, I'm sometimes turned off by these rights, sometimes intrigued, sometimes touched and at other times bored.

This time, I found myself contributing. The druid led us through a short simple guided meditation.  I'd prepped by drawing energy from sky and earth as the circle was being cast and the like. I could so clearly the see the energy forming within me. My right hand contained both the fires of earth and a many stars of the night sky.

The acting high priestess and consented to the energy from the group all being shot at her. She then directed it the talisman to be charged. Given my position directly behind the priestess, I felt very much 'in line' with her and let fly in silence save the whoosh of an expended breath.

I released much more power than I have in public rites past.

I did note they way they burned their spell candles in a bowl of sand. I liked that and will steal that. 

I entered my temple space soon after arriving home and said some prayers. Metatron counseled me in a matter regarding a friend but I am feeling too "open" after wards. It feels like I am awaiting some psychic pain.

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