Sunday, January 24, 2010


Jason posted outlining some of his magical strategies. Divination is part of his mix.

I have found the following technique to be more efficacious in my work. When doing a divination for future magickal work, have several avenues of 'attack' roughed out. Examples are:

  • If using a thought form, the name, shape, basic composition and the command.
  • If calling a spirit, know the spirit name, its origins and the request to be made. This can be a bit trickier as the conversation with the spirit may change request but I believe a positive divination for contacting factors this in.
  • A list of mundane actions you will use to back up your magick.
Then divine based on the various scenarios, "What will be the result if I do magic using scenarios A and B?" Then ask, "What will be the result if I do magic using scenarios A and C?"

I've used this and found that all factors considered yielded a negative result or at least came with a price I was unwilling to pay. Other times, I've been 'coached' simply to change one word of a command to a thought form. I also do the other divinations even if the first one is positive. I can learn a lot that way as to why some things don't work for me, my deeper motivations etc.

If you haven't picked up Strategic Sorcery or Sorcerer's Secrets, I suggest you do so if you're interesting in doing any practical magickal work at all. Jason's writings are not simply another rehash of Wicca.

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