Sunday, January 17, 2010

Candle Magick

In one of my earlier conversations with Metratron, he suggested that I anoint my prayer candle with a particular oil I own. It had been moved from my collection and I couldn't' find it. I found it today and quickly anointed the candle. I was overcome with the need to burn that candle and I did.

If the reader recalls the original posts on the topic of Metatron, one will remember that I was to work the entire tree in a prescribed manner. I haven't reached that point yet. But after burning that candle for a few hours I received several prompts on a long term project. I know part of the problem I am seeking to overcome regarding a magickal skill is fear. I never really knew what to do with it until this afternoon when I was advised to contact the angel of Geburah, Kamael. That was one of those "DOH!" moments. Why didn't I think of that?

Given that tonight is a void of course moon, I was going to wait until tomorrow.

Then I received a prompt to write out what I'd say to Kamael. I did. Then I was prompted to anoint a red candle while saying what I had written out and burn that. It will burn to nothing by the time I get to bed.

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Soror FSO said...

Kamael. Yes, I remember when I had to work with him the first time. I was certainly nervous, but after actually meeting him and seeing his true nature I have to admit he is one of my favorite. Pure purification of Gehburic energy...its so intense, yet can take you so far. Good luck in your work Frater.