Saturday, January 16, 2010

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Blue Moon

Today, I came across the claim on a blog that I don't follow that blue moons are especially magically efficacious. Given that this is an anomaly of a calendar and not some natural event, I'm not clear on how this can be so other than in the mind of the practitioner. Of course, whatever gets you there is fine by me for the most part. If anyone has any explanation for this, I'd be glad to see it posted in the comments section.


I have noticed that when I check for that knot in my belly that is the result of a lack of forgiveness that it is getting smaller. I am now perceiving connections to other parts of my body.

I know I am making some progress because I witnessed something a weekend or two back that would have stoked the anger and the issues again. This time, I observed with some sadness but for the most part with indifferent curiosity.

Last week, I mentioned something about my former group mates regarding their lack of apologies, consideration etc. I realize that could be construed to mean current members of the group that were not main players in the explosions or current members that were not members at all during that time. This is not the case. The newer members that I am aware of have be classy in their interactions with me. Perhaps more so than I would have been with them given my attitude.

To Fellow Bloggers:

Does anyone know how to report a bug to Blogger. I can see all sorts of ways to see what has been reported but no way to report what looks like a new issue.

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Amethyst said...

It looks like you can report bugs by posting on this page; there is a link near the top left corner to "Post a question". A quick glance-through shows that Google employees do monitor this forum, although there are user responses as well.