Wednesday, June 15, 2016

The Tool of Your Astrological Sign and How to Use it

The Golden Dawn current teaches how various things correspond to each other. In a list of tarot cards, they will show you how the tarot card, Hebrew letter, Path on the Tree of Life, astrological sign and tool align with each other.

So, here is a list of tools for each sign and my take on them. Frankly, this is the first time I have ever considered them. So, bear with me. This list reflect how I would start considering these tools, not a definitive answer.

Aries (Emperor; Horns, Burin) – Using horns may imply being bullish and not taking no for answer. Using the burin, a device used to etch metal, may refer to the idea of making talismans or other magickal tools. Making something this permanent may counter the tendency of Aries people to start projects but never finish.

Taurus (Hierophant; Preparations) – Taurus folks do not ‘wing it’ very well. Having everything in place before commencing work may be a priority. Think of a Catholic priest. Everything they need is in its exact place before the ceremony begins. Their priest craft is above reproach during mass. This would be true of a Taurus doing magickal ritual and likely any other activity.

Gemini (Lovers; Tripod) Gemini’s tend to switch like Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. The tripod may symbolize a third touch point creating stability. Oddly, that stability would keep someone moving forward instead of oscillating between two points of view and their associated actions. Maybe that third point is a mental thing as they are air signs. That mental thing may be an interrupting thought that occurs before every action that asked, “What is the spiritual thing to do?” “What is the higher level perspective here?” “What is the long term view?” Any of those or something else may create that third point.

Cancer (Chariot; Furnace) Cancers have a tendency to stay in enclosed spaces -- within their head and heart. They stay put in these watery (emotional) states and move from one emotion to another very slowly. The furnace is of fire and it may mean they have to use their will to overcome their sedentary emotional inertia.

Leo (Strength/Lust, Discipline) Most Leo’s that I know are angry. There are a few notable exceptions. All I have known lack a certain discipline that winds up being quite a negative in their lives. Many also have the tendency to have a scorch the earth mentality. Deciding the right way to live (for yourself) and having the discipline to follow through is critical to keeping the negative aspects of Leo in check and letting the positive come through.

Virgo (Hermit; Lamp and Wand, Bread) Virgo’s are family people. The bread as symbolic of the family meal may relate to this. I would say it more likely refers to the sacrament. These people should say their version of grace (no matter the religion) before they eat and my literally need to eat their spirituality. There is plenty of magick that can be done with food. This idea of is further emphasized by the lamp, a symbol of spiritual guidance and light, and the wand, a symbol of the Will.

Libra (Justice; Cross of equilibrium)

Libra’s seek balance but often seeing the need to balance the external other. If you picture a giant equal-armed cross resting on the point of a stick and imagine a Libra running to the ends of each line and adjusting the weights (people), you can see an average Libra. The image I have is of a plate twirler but the twirler is on the plate. If this is done by controlling enough people to stand just where you want them to, that cross remains nicely balanced. The problem is that people have a will of their own and rarely stay where they are put. Those that use this symbol actively will realize that standing in the center makes their lives much easier. Balanced is achieved by keeping one’s self in the center and as many people close to that center as possible. Few if any people belong on the edges.

Scorpio (Death; Obligation, Pain)

This is the hardest one of all for me to fathom. A balanced Scorpio is rare. Achieving balance is difficult for this power house of a sign. The stages found here indicated how death, obligation and pain enter into the picture. http://www.scorpioq

Sagittarius (Temperance; Arrow)

Perhaps a Sagittarius needs to focus intensely on a goal (target) for that arrow to strike. Meandering is a pointless, pun intended, waste of their time in big picture.

Capricorn (Devil; The Secret force, the lamp)

The secret force is sexuality. The lamp, symbol of spiritual light, tells us how to direct it. Promiscuity is unlikely to be a direct path to enlightenment. Perhaps a discipline like tantra is the way to go here.

Aquarius (Star; Censer, Aspergillum)

The Star is the act of receiving the gifts of the Universe and passing them on to others without your own agenda or personality tainting the gift. It is the most beautiful of card of the major arcana. Aquarians often feel misunderstood and get hurt when they feel that way. That hurt is the agenda of personality not being met. By consecrating one’s actions with fire (censor) and water (aspergillum) to the divine, perhaps that agenda melts away and the Aquarius can be the gift to the world they are capable of being.

Pisces (Moon; Magic Mirror)

Pisces see themselves through the eyes of others. They always seek to please and pleased people will look upon them in a better light. External validation is almost never the path to enlightenment. The magick mirror sees and reflects all. The Pisces can use the mirror to see the self more clearly and eschew the need for external validation.

There are just my ideas on these tools. As always your well considered ideas are better. To learn how to use your tool, meditate on them. Extend the metaphor as far as you can. Then active use what you have learned.

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