Saturday, June 25, 2016

Possible Scam Alert - Magical Items

I received an email this morning from someone asking about something she found of her grandmother's. She asked me to find out what it may mean. I suspected it is was a fraternal medallion of some sort. I asked a friend.

He identified it as Scottish Rite medallion or some semi-Masonic offshoot and took the time to translate both the hex marks and the ancient text. He said it was about 20 years old.

I sent this information to the person that asked. There was no appreciation for the effort I or my friend expended at her request. Instead, she replied was that she had many such items for sale. Had I gone all agog over the item, I assume I would have been sold a worthless bauble for a high price.

Here is a picture of the item and the email address. She goes by the name Samanta Faucher.

Do your research people.


Joey said...

Image doesn't show up for me. Can you please repost the picture?

Robert said...

I have added two additional images.