Tuesday, June 14, 2016

My Goals for the Next 30 Days

At some point very recently, I realized that every time I wondered off the path the root cause was a lack of discipline. I knew the tool of the Leo* is discipline. I simply did not understand the depth of meaning behind the word. So, this month’s goals all have to do with exercising discipline. I am not doing this under oath but as a practice.


I will endeavor to think thoughts only in the following categories:

Spirituality/Magick, my wife, love of friends/family, compassion, work tasks, entertainment that is not grossly sexual or grossly violent


I will not speak at work about anything that is negative, frustrating or needs fixing unless directly asked and, if so, we speak very quietly.

I will speak only the truth about myself. From time to time I will use humor and say things like, “I am not known for speaking my mind.” These are meant as jokes and taken that way. Nonetheless I will endeavor to refrain from them. (I broke this one in 15 minutes. Humor is a big part of my interactions with people.) I will keep trying.
While I cannot engage in many occult business activities at this time, I will do tasks that will prepare for the resumption of those activities.

*I will post tomorrow about tools for the various signs


Bert Hansen said...

looking forward to your post on the Tools for the various signs. I wonder how you can apply them to different aspects of ones chart.

Robert said...