Thursday, June 9, 2016

Forget the Rapist, Curse the Happy

In recent days, I have seen articles proposing cursing the currently famous light-sentences rapist. If you want to curse him, be my guest. To me, it is a waste of time and resources. He is already miserable. He was caught, publicly outed quite famously, and is on the sex offenders list for life. Over time, his friends will fade away or grow in maturity and recognize what he did. Worse, he can deny it all he wants, he knows what he did. That sort of crime sticks with you, unless you are a complete sociopath. He is miserable as it is.

Secondly, at least this guy is caught. If want to help the cause, do magick to get the tens of thousands of untested rape kits processed. How about conjuring and attending to a spirit who has been charged with outing rapists? Sometimes karma wears a blue uniform with a badge.

Let’s go back to this guy. He already is miserable. Why bother? The people you should be cursing are the happy. These are people are jerks but no one has told them. Educate them about what jerks they are and some of them will change.

Here is an example.

Over the years, I have been treated quite poorly by someone in authority at work. That caused poor reactions on my part. Which caused more bad treatment on the part of the other person. Even after I calmed down, I still get the same treatment. Frankly, I got tired of having every single thing I said, good idea or bad, discounted merely because it was my idea.

Recently, I decided I had enough. I immediately after another case of poor treatment and dismissal, I let this person have it! Within minutes this person was unhappy. The next day, s/he called in sick. The following day, s/he appeared defeated.

What made this curse work was a secondary intent to let him/her know where the bad feelings originated. That somehow it was linked to how this person treated me. I would love to know how that idea made it into this person’s head and the form it took.

Since then, I have been treated well. My ideas in meetings have been met with acceptance and praise. I have gone so far as to thank this person for treating me well.

That was worth my time.

Now, if you want to change the world and curse strangers doing bad things, be my guest. Curse those that think they are entitled and make sure the spell has a lesson behind rather than just petty revenge. There is value in that sort of curse, if you can pull it off.

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