Monday, June 13, 2016

My Personal Blind Force

I am a major proponent of applying macrocosmic ideas and processes to the microcosm.

I first learned of blind forces as part of planetary magick. Each planet has a hierarchy of powers, if you will. There is an angel, intelligence and spirit. The spirit is the blind force. While some may quarrel with me over this, my view of an angel is that which originates the really big idea. He, she or it has the big plan. The angel understands the nature of what it works to manifest. For example, the angel of Venus understands Desire and Victory (capitalization intended) on the profoundest of levels. The intelligence is the guide for that energy. The intelligence is like proper electrical wiring. There is a positive, negative, neutral and ground. The spirit is the power. So, in keeping with the electoral analogy, the spirit (or blind force) just wants to get to ground. It has no concept of what it is doing, what is being turned on, why, who or what may benefit or be negatively impacted. In fact, such concepts are beyond its capability.

Safe magick requires that the entire hierarchy be called so that force can be guided. When this does not happen a blind force is resonates through the body in what feels very much like an electric current. Someone that does not recognize the blind force may think they feel nervously or neurotically energetic to an extreme level. If you saw them, you would not offer them a cup of coffee. You may give them a sedative. The sensation is usually quite unpleasant.

My Blind Force

Over the years, I have pissed off a lot of members of the occult community. I am an antagonist. Many people really do deserved to be challenged and riled up. They need to hear themselves. I make no apology for trying to do that. No one owes me one for trying to do that with me. On the other hand, sometimes, my methods of having normal conversations have left something to be desired. In short, I pissed off people for no reason other than really poor communication skills and a lack of understanding as to how my words were perceived and processed.

So last night, I posted something on my Facebook page that was not intended to rile anyone up. It was my opinion. I think it is a valid one from a given point of view. That opinion is controversial and I understand that. When I woke up this morning and saw comments to that post, I recognized the feeling of a blind force! I must respond (I had no idea what the comments were). I was almost physically shaking with anticipation. Recognizing this, I stopped and ignored the conversation for hours. When I went back, someone had called me an idiot. Had I read that under the sway of my blind force things would have went badly.

Now that I recognize the blind force, I traced it back mentally. What is that the energy of? An argument? No…

The result was the realization is that I see a lot of things differently than traditional people. I certainly see spiritual matters differently. Even most occultists do not agree with a lot of my conclusions. Oddly, a lot of mystics do.

If I were to use the structure above, I would say that I manifest the power of change, that I need to work that through the intelligence of gentle communication and proper audience and let the force of that energy foster gentle dialogue for those that can hear what I have to say.

I may make a fresh start with a different blog. I may just restart consistent blogging here for those that have continued to hang around over the years. We will see how corralling that blind force works out. Frankly, I took so much time off, I am not sure if there is an audience left here.


Anonymous said...

You do have an audience, even if I only found your blog a couple of days ago. Hope you'll consider worthwhile to keep writing here or anywhere else.
Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

Anonymous said...

Another audience member here, also very recent.

The concepts expressed in this post have been immediately helpful to me and your voice strikes me as unique. Thank you for your work.

Robert said...

Thank you both.

Cynthia Malm said...

Even when we disagree I like reading what you have to say. Not that we disagree all that often. Facebook is a great soapbox for distributing ideas and getting feedback. I'd say just keep on keepin' on.