Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Successful Goetia Work - Bune

I am in the process of selling my house. I spent a great deal of money on upgrades to get the best price and was assured that I would get more than my money back, if I did certain things. I did those things. The weekend before last, I signed the papers to sell. This Friday, the house was officially listed.

I had two major concerns that I would get my price. The first was that the next door neighbor is a ‘cat lady’. She has seven cats that all use my front porch and planter under the front window as a litter box. I am always amazed that outdoor cat owners are stunned when they realize their cats poop and spray other people’s houses and those owners are burdened with the clean up. This problem is so bad that after two days away, I came home to 10 to 15 piles of poop in my planters. I cleaned it up as best I could at 5 PM on a Saturday and by 9 AM Sunday there were four more piles. The front of the house reeked! All that poop attracted a battalion of flies.

Please do not comment with suggestions for how to handle this in the future. I have spent thousands of dollars over the years on every conceivable product and home remedy. They may work on one cat. They are not effective against seven.

My second concern came out of left field. When I arrived Sunday morning, a homeless man moved in across the street. He lived in a beat-up old Mitsubishi pick-up. I think he had friends in the mental health group home a few doors down. I am not sure. At any rate, an obviously homeless man living across the street in his broken down truck with the flat tire seemed like a buyer’s negative to me.

Thirdly, the inside of the house felt creepy. My house never feels like that. I had taken down my wards. So maybe something attracted to the residuals of my magick moved in. I do not know.

At my wits end after dealing with the rude cat people for fifteen years, I was not going to let them cost me thousands as my house undersold.

Without tools, I went into my back yard and pulled up Bune’s seal on my i-phone. I stared at it and called him forth. He didn’t seem to want to appear but after a few minutes he appeared before my mind’s eye. I told him that if he sold the house with an offer at or above the asking price from someone, “with the capacity to pay”, within 72 hours, I would thank him here and on Facebook.

**Normally I do not make deals like that.**

He was less than enthusiastic. I then mentioned the King Beleth. Suddenly, he was ready to cooperate. I gave him the standard line about harming no one and left. When I went back inside, the creepy feeling was gone. When I went to the garage less than 10 minutes after dismissing Bune, I heard the homeless man drive away. When I left, I found that he had simply drove around the corner.

That same Sunday afternoon. My agent received a bid on the house. I was unaware of that. Monday morning, I felt a hit from Bune. He said I would have made more by renting it (true) but that it was sold. A half our later my realtor called and said that I had a very solid bid from someone. He had spent the morning making sure it was solid before calling me. The papers were signed Monday afternoon. The offered price was very slightly over what we asked.

So here I am keeping my word and publicly thanking Bune for his good work. He came through in less than 24 hours. Though, for some reason, on Facebook I calculated as less than 48. On of those figures is correct.

Warning: I do not endorse people calling upon the Lesser Key spirits without a net like I do, unless they have a very profound understanding of their circle.


Anonymous said...

I really need bune to help quickly with some finances and saw your warning about a net or knowing your circle. How can I do this work with protection?

Robert said...

Knowledge of your circle can be an instantaneous thing. It took me 30 years to get that one. I could tell you that you are the god of your universe but until you experience what I mean by that, it will not make any difference.

It is hard to advise someone you have never met with any certainty. My best advice is to absolutely know that you deserve what you are asking for. Even if you have messed up every financial decision you have ever made, what you are asking for is an absolutely necessary thing for your life. You have forfeited nothing.

If you are in that situation because you were wronged, use the moral stance as part of your psychology. "I deserve to be made [financially] whole."

Use your confidence that an abundant universe can provide without harming another.

I can tell you that unmitigated greed, in my experience, makes Bune sad.

Use as many tools called for by that book as you can.

If this did not help, please feel free to ask more questions. I wish you the best of luck.

Anonymous said...

Thanks, your response did help. & I definitely understand what you mean about the difficulty of being able to help someone you've never met. It's times like these I wish a person with your experiences could be physically around for all the questions but again thanks for the response.If you have a email & wouldn't mind giving it, I would like to ask your advice on something else I now see would be far more beneficial than finances with getting assistance with.As for bune I'll probably wait as you word choice of unmitigated really made me second quess my needs and how dire they may be to me vs him.

Robert said...

My email address is MagicAinbh@gmail.com That is spelled correctly.

Unknown said...

Do i have to make a protection cirle to invoke Bune? Do u offer Him/Her anything like honey candles and etc while invoking Her/ Him? Pls.let me know, i need Him/Her badly. Thanks

Anonymous said...

Approximately a month ago I requested the assistance of Bune I was having financial difficulty and problems at work with a supervisor who hated me and made my life miserable. Bune assisted in having the company not only pay financially for causing me suffering but opened new roads for career advancement with another company! Thank you my Lord Bune-I will forever be grateful.

Unknown said...

Just wanted to share this

I prayed for a relatively high sum of money. And I received it in the most unexpected ways infact more than I asked for. So many things I wished in my prayer came true. It feels so peaceful and comforting praying to Bune. It feel almost unreal how it all came true.

Unknown said...


I was in a very bad place few days back. I did not even have enough for food. And I asked Bune for help. And she came through like always and found 2 people to help. I'm comfortable now. Thank you Bune

Hail Bune
Hail Bune
Hail Bune

Anonymous said...

I had to deal with a critical situation and needed Bunes help bad. Bune helped me handle the situation and kept me safe. It did not go exactly tye way I wanted but the end result was a success. Bune really helped me out.

Hail Bune.