Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Some Growth

I have been feeling uncomfortable with a post I had written. I rewrote it a bit. I added some disclaimers and clarifications. I still felt troubled.

In the past, I would have posted it. Only later would I figure out what was wrong with the post via public response or personal insight. This time I stopped and simply asked my soul. I learned that I was revealing too much of my personal work that has not fully solidified.

The odd part is that I never mentioned my own experience with topic. That did not matter. I felt an unusual and sudden relief of tension when I stopped. I have come to understand that my soul knows much more than I do. I have come to not only listen but act on what I am told. I reserve the right to decline the advice but this did not seem an appropriate time to file an objection. The paperwork alone is a bitch!

To some of you this may not sound like a big deal. All that happened was that I did not hit the 'publish' button. The big deal was listening, acting on what I heard, and knowing listening was the right course of action.

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