Thursday, January 24, 2013

Step Away from Pride

We are often told to set aside our ego. This can take many forms. We can hold our tongue rather than share our thoughts. We can make secret donations to charity. We can eschew a quest for power in the workplace, spiritual group or over others. Our minds can cease their silent condemnations of others. We can ask for help.

The latter lesson I have learned from watching others refuse obviously needed aid. Too maintain the pride of illusionary self-sufficiency seems less than a wise course of action.

To that end, I have certain life goals that have not progressed. These include writing the MM book, writing the instructions for the triangle ritual, become educated in the spiritual life coaching field. I have therefore engaged the services of a writing instructor and another as a spiritual life coach.  Of course, the latter is as much to learn how the work is done as it is for the coaching. More the one benefit is certainly acceptable and I have been forthright in speaking with him as to my goals.

Personal Progress

Things are not the same for me. I am mentally/emotionally very healthy at this point. My attitude is quietly positive. I am slowly setting aside things I 'know' to be true about my past and re-evaluating. I am often spiritually 'high'.

Tonight, my life coach shared a scale of awareness.

1. Victim
2. I am one
3. I let the universe work through me
4. I am the universe

I am bouncing between items 2 and 3. 

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