Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Holy Man

I walked into my temple space tonight. Normally, banishings do not occur. So, the remnants of the triangle ritual still resonate. The moment I walked in I heard, felt and/or thought, "This is the space of a holy man."

It is the norm in the west to nay say the positive and own the negative about oneself. That is humility they say. They are wrong. That is masochism. Society has taught us to deny our value, nay say our virtue (in the conventional sense of term), and lower us to a state of common emotional drones. This isn't living a spiritual life. It is death by a thousand self-inflicted cuts.

I choose not to participate.

I am have committed nearly every sin known to man. I am not perfect like Jesus is said to be. That is result. The Perfection I saw, is a continual unfolding of the soul. I am the perfect of the Divinely Perfect unfolding. This is true despite being a PTSD suffering jack ass at times. This is true despite doing some really bad things. This is true despite being a selfish bastard.

I am also damn compassionate, a healer, funny as hell (if you like puns), a teacher, a mystic and magician.

I am a holy man.

Do you know the difference between me and you?

Neither do I. You are holy. You are perfect.

No you can't be you say. You did x, y, and z? You're no John the Baptist? You're no Moses? Well, as RO crudely said...Moses shook the piss out of his dick with the same hands he used to hold the ten commandments. Holy people are people. With all their failings and virtues.

You are holy. Deny it if you want. I will not deny my holiness nor yours.

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Yvonne Chireau said...

what a great post.
So very True.

**Heartily approves clap clap clap**