Saturday, January 5, 2013

Morning Triangle Ritual

Of late, I have been struggling with my PTSD issues. They have not been horrific as they have been in the past but sleep is difficult, anger arises and I am a bit more confrontational. Overall, the intensity level is about 25% of what it was for a decade. So, at my worst, I am much improved. I think part of this stemmed from the path working I did earlier this winter and the triangle ritual. For me, that rite is intense. Given that I am a fiery guy and it is a fire-based ritual, it is only natural it will cause some issues for me.

This morning, I performed the rite and invoked water within the form. This was interesting. I received confirmation of plans for a career change that I have been 'told' will satisfy an emotional and spiritual need. I was even given some instruction on how to do magick to aid those plans coming to fruition. Towards the end of the meditation period, which only lasted a few minutes, I was given a method to make the rite more effective by adding an angelic force at a certain location within the temple space.

Can you say KABOOM?

A beautiful world tree formed beneath me and rose through me, its branches reaching to the sky--totally awesome.

I left the work space feeling very energized by fire. This I do not need in my given state but as I write I am being inundated by water. This is peaceful and cool.

For my next trick, I will create a standard circle of water and then do the triangle rite within that.

Edit: This is what I meant by my post on not holding yourself to a perfect standard. Things ebb and flow but continually improve. You can't take any set back as invalidation of yourself or your work.

Plan for Releasing the Tech

I have about 3,000 words written on the triangle ritual. I have worked on it every day for a week and am happy with the progress. The finished paper will be seven to ten thousand words. I have several options of editors to run it by. I plan on selling it here as a pdf file for five or ten dollars. I am hoping this isn't one of those writing projects that get stalled on me again. We shall see.

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