Friday, January 18, 2013

Divine Peace and Joy

This morning, I did the Advanced Manifestation Meditation and asked, "What can I do for others today?" The reply was to make a Facebook post, not exactly something I consider a spiritual project. The post was, "If you are in conflict, you are in the wrong place. Step to the left, let it pass by you like a cool breeze." This is good advice for me to follow but it wasn't for me.

I have no idea if those were words for anyone or simply an exercise in my listening. I do that quite well now but you never know. I made the post. No one commented to say, "I needed this today," or anything like that.

Yet all day I was joyful, happy, peaceful. Even now so late, I can still feel totally connected to the divine. Today, nothing really happened but what a great day!


Once again, the MM is leading people in the same direction. This time, it has to do with the triangle ritual. I call it the triangle ritual but it has turned into the Tetrahedron Rite. Once I form the tetrahedron, another inverted shape appears. The target, usually myself, sits in the middle of that form. I am doing the rite for another person this weekend.

I can tell an ergegore is forming because Yvonne posted a picture of the ritual result on her blog. She was led to a teacher that shares this form rather than it forming in her head. A bit prior, she posted a hint as the the initiatory nature of the MM.

She hasn't done the Advanced MM yet.


CobaltWitch said...

I've seen that figure before, referred to as a "merkaba." Here's a post on merkaba meditation: or just googling merkaba will bring up a list, if you'd like to see what other people are doing with the same figure. Just wanted to let you know in case you'd like to do some comparative reading.

Robert said...

(Laughing) I have referred to the figures the ritual creates as "soul vehicles" and thought to myself "this has to be what the Merkaba mystics were talking about." Thanks for the confirmation. I will look it up.