Sunday, January 20, 2013

My Saturday Night

I performed the triangle rite for someone last night. This person also had issues with time. S/he prefers that I do not say anything that may identify him or her. I can share a few things.

First, I was more confident doing the rite for another than for myself. There was no doubt to what I was doing. Secondly, I am exhausted. Walking the triangle of Binah for another was much like a Golden Dawn Hierophant stepping on the ego of a candidate, difficult and painful. Today, I am exhausted.

Thirdly, the person's vision of the image of Binah was nearly identical to mine when I was in that position, allowing for variations in human perception. From my new position as operator, the vision was very similar but in one aspect, quite different. I saw an obvious variation on the theme.

Speaking of seeing the vision, something happened that was quite odd. I saw the vision as very far away. Yet I could see how the vision was quite near the person I was working for who was three feet in front of me. This distortion of place seemed normal at the time but, now in the normal state of consciousness, I find it extraordinary.

I also learned a great deal about the ritual technique.

I am tired of speaking of these and omitting the tech. I am writing up all the tech notes.

Spiritual Health

I am coming up with the idea that if there is such a thing as physical health, emotional health and mental health, there must be spiritual health. There must also be methods of maintaining that health. This could be meditation, compassion exercises, pray, services and the like.

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