Sunday, January 6, 2013

Compassion is Forgiveness

The modification of the Manifestation Meditation has yielded a gem for me.

I am not a forgiving man. I find it very difficult to forgive acts that will be repeated. This is my failing. Often, I have been advised to forgive as the lack thereof "only hurts you." No one that has offered said advice ever followed up with instructions on how to do that. Observation further demonstrated that most of those that uttered such words were not capable of forgiving themselves.

Over the last week or two an idea has been peculating  Find the pain that motivated the hurtful action and feel compassion for the one that suffers such torment.  This rips apart the notion of hate the sin and love the sinner. Hate and the love of the divine cannot be housed in the same soul.

Compassion alone brings peace. Compassion acted upon is holy. Compassion for the pain of another removes all judgement of the action, the person and projections upon the future. Compassion unfolds the soul.


kalibex said...

And if harm is done to a person by someone without a conscience (IE, no inner suffering)?

Robert said...

Please see this post.