Monday, January 21, 2013

A Lesson Brings Cognitive Dissonance

Some of you may remember that I had worked on a man who had a brain aneurysm.  It was new territory for me. At some point, after only a few sessions his wife, my client, asked me to stop. It was my opinion I was doing a good job and I was being very very careful. She said she noticed some things of concern in his behavior after one of my sessions. Naturally, I stopped as requested. That was some time ago.

Yesterday, we texted a bit. She told me that her husband is improving. He is more engaged and more emotionally appropriate. This didn't sound like a complete cure to me but it was a significant improvement. He has accepted professional realities now. As the conversation continued that special sense told me that this was the result of my work. I said nothing to that effect to her but a few minutes later she told me that she felt I deserved credit for the healing progress.

She asked me to recall the look on people's faces that get a cochlear implant and can hear for the first time in their lives. That is how her husband looked after my last healing session. She thought more would be too much for him. Apparently, he has been slowly coming to terms with the before and after.

She is a good friend. So, I confided in her that I think doctors are great but often they just seem to be able to tell you what is wrong but do not do such a good job at fixing it. I, on the other hand, don't much about aneurysms or Aspergers but seem to get improvement.  She said that is often because the doctor needs a patient to cooperate with the healing process but that doesn't seem to be the case with what I do. A healing can occur without the patient even knowing.


The lesson here is that magick doesn't always happen instantly in a way the magician can see it. Sometimes it takes time for things to move to manifestation. We are not living in a Disney cartoon. Often, we think that if we didn't get a result within a time frame it didn't work. Bah! Lon DuQuette says, "The oracle is always right." I say magick always works. Sometimes, we just miss it or are impatient.


I know this sounds arrogant as heck. I have now done healings that doctors cannot do. I have greatly reduced Asperger's symptoms with two or three 15 minute sessions and now this. Unless these people and others are lying to me, and why would they, that is pretty cool stuff. My mind is having a hard time rationalizing how this can happen. As another friend pointed out my rational mind has no place to put this. It is a reality shift. Yes, I think he is right.

This is heady stuff. Part of me, that part so aware of how we can become delusional with magick, is on high alert. I am not in freak out zone but I am certainly processing this.

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Yvonne Chireau said...

Yeah on the "reality shift" part. But the mental self cannot handle it. Great post