Thursday, October 14, 2010

The Leo Reveals the Tree

Some time ago, I posted about finding an astral place of my own. Many a mage will tell you to build astral temples. They are right. You can learn a lot in the building. You can learn a lot from within.

I didn't post where this place once because I am a Leo and a touch paranoid. It takes me a while to become comfortable. I am also a bit arrogant and a bit self-depreciating. I'm a freaking Leo. I thought I'd be viewed as arrogant for claiming such a place. Screw that. Where is the astral place I found of my own? On the path of Teth between Chesed and Geburah on the tree. I'm sure this was in the tree of Assiah but it feels awfully high up. The powers I was exposed to where awful too. A-W-E-F-U-L-L. I felt torn between Jupiter and Mars. I felt torn apart by two great magnets. I was in between. Then I understood.

The path of Teth is the path of Leo.

I understood my personality so much. There was Mars. Aggressive. Unforgiving. Severe. There was Jupiter. Expanding. Healing. Merciful. This is me. Verbally harsh, direct, sometimes insightful with a precision that frightens people straight into denial and anger. Sometimes nothing but full-o-shit verbal aggression. I am also prone to acts of extreme mercy, generosity and kindness. I'm quieter about those things. I am a Leo. My job is to reconcile these two titanic forces for they play out with the persistence of the Sun. Sol. Ever-burning.

This experience has born fruit.

My tarot class is about simplifying the cards. Each suit of the minor arcana is revealed to be the result of only one idea. The rest of the cards in the suit are just variations of that idea. Many will read that and deem me full of shit. So be it. My qabala is not their qabala. I will give them their complicated systems.

Today, it dawned on me that these paths are the tree are all subject to the titanic forces unleashed by the sephiro that create them. Every path lay between two sephiro. That interplay of major forces can explain those paths in a simple form. Given the simple form can not capture all the subtleties of an astrological sign but I think it can reveal the underlying dynamic. With this idea I immediately understood the conflicts I had with my former coven. Combine Leo with the predominant astrological sign in that group and the conflict is obvious.Furthermore, I understanding a lot of the underlying structure of the tarot cards or so I think. I have a lot of work to do to flush this out but I have my key.

I'm excited about picking this idea apart. Once I am done, I may sell it as an e-paper here after throwing out a few tidbits to see whose appetite I can wet. This will be another in my lists of projects.

My last post resulted in some interesting commentary:

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Amethyst - I have a list called Robert's Rules of Magick. I have one for my personal work and group work. I have started writing some of these realizations in those books with the rule of consistent reviewing to makes sure they stick. So, in true Leo fashion I can say, I'm way ahead of you.

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Amethyst said...

"So, in true Leo fashion I can say, I'm way ahead of you."

You always are. :)