Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Helpful Deity and Responses to the Tarot Reading Post

 Helpful Deity

Last night, my working partner and I called on the Helpful Deity. During the meditation, I saw lots of spinning spoked wheels. In the Chaldean oracles the Teletarchs, Synochs and Ingyes are described as wheels. Though, I felt no power from them. There was only a visual. Also during the meditation, the HD told me that it would be difficult this time but it wouldn't be my fault.

When we called, I could tell HD responded to my improvised but much less poetic chant. Certain words really drew the HD. Yet, HD manifested as whisper on the wind. It was very ephemeral. Occasionally, she landed hard within me and then drifted away. I was able to speak in Its words but if someone was more than 3 feet away they would have never heard a thing.

The problem in the manifestation was my partner. There was a lesson in it for her. This is not a problem. That is what we do magick for. My partner has displayed such courage in this work. I know she will learn whatever her lesson is.

"Unreadable One"

The Tarot Reading Post resulted in some questions regarding the unreadable one. The questions were basically about the querent. What would make her unreadable? What signs did I see that would indicate she would be trouble?

For me this was a lesson in confidence. The moment I saw her, I knew I should have said no. It is important to listen to one's instincts in magick. I knew to say no but ignored that. Secondly, I did get several individual cards correct. I could not yield a good picture though.

Her body posture was very rigid, her face severe. She obviously didn't want to be read. One of the other readers did "get her." She described her has having bruha energy. Though not as a bruha. Knowing that, I suppose I could have tapped her through the earth but what is the point? I have nothing to prove and if she didn't want to be read, why should I make the effort?

More Reading?

I have been asked to appear at the Cottage on a regular basis. However, my real job would interfere with that as they want me for weekday slots. I love doing it. If they had a couple of weekend a month, I'd do that in a heartbeat as a regular gig.

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