Monday, October 11, 2010

An Astral Vision and a New Response

Saturday morning, I "woke up" within a dream or I was awake and had a vision to real enough to be viewed as an astral dream. Which it was doesn't really matter. Heck, the vision has no meaning at this point and that is what matters.

The vision was two bull's heads flying across the sky towards the south. They were just heads, no wings. The heads were followed by two or three birds. The heads were like rough drawn art very much like Wang's Golden Dawn Tarot Deck.

This is the second astral vision that reminded me of the Wang deck. I don't use that deck. Maybe I should start. Regardless, what struck me about this vision is that I did virtually nothing. I assigned no meaning to it all rather than noting it down. If there is a meaning, it will become clear in time.

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