Monday, October 25, 2010

Another Form of Dead Psychic

Recently, I posted about the "unreadable one." I mentioned that I knew from the moment I saw her that I should take a pass but I didn't. This is akin to my Dead Psychic ability. Those really long time readers may remember me saying that I have had bouts of psychic awareness. I'd 'know' the phone was going to ring and who was calling a split second before it rang. If I had equivalent warning of someone about to shoot me in the back of the head, I'd be dead. Hence, my labeling the phenomenon as Dead Psychic Events (DPEs).

This is similar to that. I know to duck, weave, bob, and get out of the way but I don't trust guy fast enough to act on it. I have a new friend that keeps telling me to trust my gut and act on those instincts.This person may be a pointing me in the right direction.


Over the last several months, I've begun remembering incidents from my childhood. There has been nothing negative, with one exception. That exception is an odd little story that would most likely bore you without cause. I'm not fully sure what this means. It could have something to do with Chesed as that is the realm of memory. Though, I've always seen that as a different sort of memory. Of course, these things happen on various levels. I thought this interesting enough to note but I'm not sure what significance this may have.

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