Sunday, October 24, 2010

Joy of Joys

My Introductory Qabalistic Tarot class was a great success today. This was the third iteration of the same intro class. I did several to get enough people to a monthly gig. The first two went well. This third one was a home run. There was a great connection with the people there. They were so excited to be exposed to new ideas. That made it so much fun. I had a great time.

There are some students that listen with respect and they are respected. There are some that wrestle things out of your words that you never thought of. They are admired. There are those that do not hear your words. They seek out other things. There are those that are so excited to learn and and explore. They are a joy.

Some Healing

My back problems have been horrific the last few weeks. My friend the Druid did a little laying of hands on my back this morning. This was not a massage but just a magickal act. I could feel the muscles relaxing under his touch. More importantly, something else happened. Long time readers will remember when the Helpful Deity first helped me with my obsession. HD showed me how to remove this astral goo that encapsulated the obsession. I will be the first to admit it isn't all the way gone. The feelings are not as frequent. I can let go faster but they are still a weekly challenge. This is a huge improvement over an hourly challenge.

So what does that have to do with my back?

Earlier this weekend, I was hurting bad. I did the Friday night class and stood up to realize the pain was gone. After that realization, it slowly came back. This let me to the idea that I have to forget I am in pain. So, using the sigil of Jupiter I asked that I forget my pain. No ritual was involved.

When the Druid was working on me today, I suddenly 'saw' all this astral goo get ejected from my head onto the floor as my muscles relaxed. I shoved it outside to let the earth absorb it. I wasn't going to leave a puddle of goo in his spare bedroom. That would have been rude. (snicker)

Did this help? Not one damn bit. I was in so much pain during the drive home that my leg was getting numb. However, this may be the start of a longer term healing project.I may have a body full of such goo. Time to explore!


Something disappointing happened this weekend. It did make me feel sad. However, I was amongst such loving friends that all turned out quite well. I am so very grateful to my Bakersfield peeps. It is good to be loved.

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