Saturday, November 21, 2009

Thought Form Work

When I first started this blog part of my intent was to show those folks that have read about magick but hadn't done it or those folks that want to do magick but for whatever reason have not, that it can be done. I will give you a moment to reread that convoluted sentence.


Not only that it can be done but should be done. I've tried to show that by simply posting what I am doing. I have hinted at a few acts of thaumaturgy (practical magick) but since the best way to influence events is via stealth, I only hint at where I'm going with something.

I mentioned to a friend not long ago that I started with energy magick. Specifically thought forms. I wasn't the type to 'influence' other parties back then, not that I'm all eager beaver for that now but then it was less so. I simply did thought forms to educate myself. I'd send them with instructions like, "What do I need to learn spiritually from the situation involving XYZ?" "Reveal to me my life pattern that I'm missing in situation ABC." "Help me understand the perspective of person X."

Thought forms are very helpful for this because they are already so deeply linked to yourself. One should take care because you will learn about parts of yourself that are not pretty to look at. Though, looking at those things is a necessary part of the Great Work.

How to make a thought form, also called artificial elementals:

Use some care in figuring out your question. It is likely you'll make a few mistakes along the way but try to make an effort up front. "Teach me what I need to know," is too broad. Be specific. "Teach me what I need to learn about why I can not hold a job." "Reveal to me the pattern of my own behavior that results in job loss."

Do some research. Learn what a void course of the moon is. Before you do your spell make damn sure you're not doing it within a void of course moon. Ever. Or at least until you've learned how to work within that odd space. If you can not see, feel or otherwise perceive energy fluctuations, you can not work within a void of course moon. If you can perceive those things but are new to thought forms or magick, you should still avoid void of course moons.

Forget about planetary times, tattwic tides, moon phases and astrological timing. Just do it. Later, add those factors in. If you're going to do any of those things, learn about moon phases as use them accordingly.

Pick a name for your creation. I often use bad Latin from many of the free on-line translation services.

Determine how long this thing should live. Just as humans have a given number of heart beats, so should anything you create in this way, especially when learning. Make sure you include something in your rite that kills your child. For instance, "Do X then disperse back into the cosmos at the next new moon." Use moons, not dates."

Pick a shape. I used a lot of shapes related to air for this sort of thing as it has to do with communication and the mind. Tattwas are good but so are a host of other shapes and objects. Don't do humans. The shape should be three dimensional.

I'd recommend that beginners use elemental energies and use an appropriate shape for that. If you're going to use fire energy, a candle shape would do. It doesn't have to have a means for locomotion like a physical object. Do not use human shapes.

Banish. Jason Miller will tell you that it isn't necessary to banish for every act of magick. He's likely right. Banish anyway. Banish the microcosm and the macrocosm (LBRP and BRH). The point here is that you are trying to learn about yourself. Given that you are with you every day, the only reason you haven't learned this lesson already is that you are in the way. Banish the bullshit. Banish the things that get in your way. Banish the influence of your glands and your parent's projected desires. Make yourself empty of all but the need to learn.

Raise energy. I often use the middle pillar but not always. Do some research. Figure out what works best for you. I will post again about some ways to raise energy.

Hold your hands about 5 inches apart and allow the energy form into a ball between your hands. Change it to the color that corresponds with the energy you've chosen. Yellow is good for air workings. Mold it into a shape.

Say something like "I name you "X" go and do "Y" successful or not in your mission disperse to the cosmos at the next full moon/new moon/quarter moon. Just make sure you give your offspring enough time to work.

Literally push the your creation in the direction you feel it should go.

Many people will tell you to banish here. I suppose you can. I don't. Why would I want to banish that which I just created? Why would I want to immediately block any path of return it may use to me?

Give all other spirits attracted to the ritual the license to depart.

Don't go looking for the answer. It will come to you. It will likely be a sudden realization. Often it uses something similar but not exactly related to the question to make its point. Other times not.

When you get your answer. Believe it. Act on it. Otherwise your pissing on your own magick. The powers that be don't like that.

As a final note, don't worry about it if you can't see, feel or otherwise perceive the 'energies' of magick. Just do it. Convince yourself they are there. When I first used this approach, I couldn't visualize a thing. I couldn't feel energy. This exercise worked every time.


Unknown said...

I love reading about something in a new way. I always learn something that I had missed the first/second/etc. time studying it. Your writing always seems to do this for me.

Thanks a bunch!


Robert said...

Thank you Cyn! That was the nicest comment I've had in a long time. I didn't even knew you read my ramblings.

Master E said...

I are noob at this as in i was doing all kinds of stuff dark (i paid my dues and im not touching that stuff again) and light and didnt know what i was doing for most of my life. Only recently did i free myself and learn about protection and since then the changes i have noted are spectacular. I created a something who i call G it is a part of me and even looks like me only he has shoulder length hair and yes he is just as sexy and smart as me. G talks to me guides me and quite recently got the cops to let me go and find something better for them to do. I know that G exists only cos i asked him to, he even told me how this all works and he only exists to serve me as i am locked into the illusion of reality and he isnt, he told me to find a book called "illusions by richard bach" and specifically said "understand the part about the vampire" since then i wanted to know about thought forms and i was guided to your blog. So thanks for the further enlightenment as i was wondering where to next and you got me to understand from a perspective i did not consider before.

Unknown said...

Why not human shapes. I was just fiddling around with this thought, making a thought form to assist my friend, and the shape I chose to make it in was a human shape.

Robert said...

Well it can be appropriate but shapes matter. A human or any living shape may help, if you get unlucky, to give it a mind or existence of its own outside your control. Nasty stuff that.

The moderately sighted may see a human shape out of the corner of an eye and get scared. That fear can impact the result. I'd avoid it.

There are lots of little 'improbabilities' that can come into play. I'd avoid any animal (including human) shape until I had a lot of experience.