Sunday, November 15, 2009

Mixing Things Up

I noticed something in this weekend's activities that must be commented up. In times past, I'd say such things were a mistake. Now, it is part of my unifying structure at work.

There is something called the Law of Contagions. In a nutshell the law states that those things that touch one another can influence each other even when they are apart. This is how sympathetic magick works. Give someone a lock of your own hair, fingernail clippings, etc and they can 'link' back to you quite easily.

This law is easily observable in human behavior by observing our ideas. I have ideas that I learned from folks I haven't seen in twenty years but still impact my personality and point of view.

The law of contagions applies in greater force in proportion to intimacy of contact. By this I do not mean physical intimacy but how deeply the contact strikes the psyche. For instance,reading a book may have no impact at eighteen but that same book may deeply influence that same person at twenty-one. Even if the book is never reread, its influence persists because the person was in a deeply receptive mode, as receptive applies to the particular ideas, emotions, or other inputs offered by said book.

So, why do I bring this up now?

I have been struck by the kindness and good will of many people I saw this weekend. Those themes have continually played in my mind. I've wondered why I'm on this particular mental loop. Then it struck me.

The Druid that journeyed for me is a very kind soul. Given that I was very open to his suggestion going into the particular working, his kindness resonated within me. The law of contagion at work. Gee, I wonder why my HGA sent me to him.

Inversely, My Gal had gone to him a few months ago for healing her asthma. She was cured instantly. She reports that the Druid then mentioned blogging to her. Once the Druid interacted with me, his blog appears. Perhaps the law of contagion applying itself again? First the seed is planted with the asthma healing and the seed was watered doing his journey for me.

This is a natural process and should not be feared. However...

The Alexandrian Wiccans I used to circle with had a rule they called "proper person". It is a term I bristled against until I learned their meaning. Proper didn't mean good or bad. It meant sane or not. You don't circle with crazy people because the law of contagion applies. Perhaps their method of working made such connections so intimate that the law had a huge impact.

Many of today's neopagans could learn something from the Alexandrians on this point. Neopagans will hop into almost any ritual without caring that they are circling with some pretty unhinged people. I can leave it up to the imagination on what happens should the law of contagion come into play.


I've been doing this daily and have noticed a couple of things:

First, I noticed that how thoughts are getting interrupted automatically. I realization that their is a thought 'to eat'. Then it is followed with, "where did that come from? I am not hungry."

The second thing I've noticed is that when thoughts interrupt my meditation and I stop them they are occasionally replaced by an image. The image appears unrelated to the interrupted thought but it has the same emotional impact. This occurs even when the image is utterly benign. If I stay focused on the image for just a bit, I could see some action in the seen or action would move into the scene making the emotion of the image clear. I am not sure if that is to explain the emotion or if it just a buried part of the scene.

Shadow Work

I completed the first day of writing at 5:15 PM. I was surprised by a couple of items on the list and a couple that are not on the list. It is hard to describe the feeling I have. I'd almost say that I'm opening up to a higher plane but it doesn't feel quite like that. The emotional feeling is not being fully expressed. I can feel the suppression of pain.

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