Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Same Ol' Cycle

I've been working with Jason Miller's Pillar and Spheres meditation, which is great. I suggest you buy Strategic Sorcery and try it out. I've had great results but of late, they've tapered off. I've found in nearly impossible to get my mind to be willing to meditate for more than five minutes or so. This is a very annoying pattern to my work. Something works great, then I loose the handle. It can take me a long time to get it back.

This time, I am just going to be consistent and keep plugging away. No breaks.


Anonymous said...

There is a story about a Tibetan master, who move to a cave before his enlightenment.

As soon as he got settled into the cave, he found it was home to a bunch of little demons.

first he tried to get rid of them by preaching Dharma, the gospel.He preached and did the exorcism rituals, then sat to meditate but they were still there.

after several more unsuccessful tries, he changed his strategy, and decided to completely ignore them, he tried for a few days, no matter how loud and obnoxious they got he sat still, resisting them in his silence. But that didn't work either.

finally, in total frustration and defeat, he screamed, "alright I give up! I can't force you out! But I'm not leaving either! so I'll just have to share this cave with you!"

Then he sat down again, his resistance completely gone, and so were the demons.

Frustration is another distraction.


Frater POS said...

Beautiful! Thanks.

Jason Miller, said...

You cannot be bad at meditation!

read the lesson again. Your distraction is normal, and this is in facta much more productive and critical time than the experiences you were having before. Remember, meditation isnt about generating experienes, it is about experiencing teh fullnss of your mind.

I am stealing this for the next q&A cuz I think a lot of people will arrive at the same place.