Monday, November 16, 2009

Couldn't Sleep Due to Rock in My Head

The shaman gave me a stone he said would help me when working with my shadow. I was not sure what to do with it. So, I decided to leave it next to my laptop so it could 'help' me as I write out the journal. When I went to bed, that didn't feel right. So, I placed in my temple room. That room has a double cubical altar and four side altars for the elements. I placed the stone on the earth altar.

Upon laying down I felt nervous. My heart was racing. My blood pressure felt up. I felt sickly. I couldn't sleep. After an hour or two of this noise, I removed the obsidian from the temple and placed it back on the kitchen table next to the laptop.

I nodded off quiet easily.

The New Blog

I was impressed with the Druid's blog in that on his third post, he put himself out there. He did some magick and posted without knowing the results. A lot of folks post only successes. The Druid is not afraid to expose himself as a long term student of the arts magickal. I find that to be pretty cool.


Did the pillar and spheres meditation in the temple room tonight. My concentration was pretty good. Oddly, I had a vision of two upper middle age black women encouraging me when I was doing the air sphere. It was hard to keep from laughing. I am assuming these were just phantoms/illusions but it was a bit out of the blue for me.

During this meditation, water became more real and I could smell the earth. This time I didn't want to have all that energy running through me as I tried to sleep. So, I shoved it into the earth with the focused thought of saving money. We'll see.


St.Balthazar said...

What you say about magicians posting only their successes is very true. Reading about failures can be just as valuable and interesting.

Frater POS said...

not sure that he failed. I was just impressed that he posted without knowing.

St.Balthazar said...

Sure, he doesn't know the outcome yet. I was talking about the tendency to blog exclusively about success and that it might be cool to read about flops. Its inspired me to blog about one of my screw-ups.