Thursday, November 19, 2009

Not So Much in the Feet

Last night, I posted about sensing things through my feet. I tried the same today. No dice. I got nothing. I did recognize my mind once to try fill in the blanks but that was obviously not the same thing.

However, I did pull up energy out of the earth all day as I walked. It put me in a good mood. I noticed some things that I feel I need to keep to myself for the moment.

Last night during the meditation, I noticed the energy on my left was an ugly yellow. It was white on my right. Nothing felt right that I pulled from above. Things felt fine when I pulled from the earth. I immediately new that I was meditating during the void course of the moon. I checked and I was.

1 comment:

Jason Miller, said...

Excellent. You seem to be taking to this system like a fish to water.