Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Interesting Effects

I've been doing the pillars and spheres meditation from Jason's book, Strategic Sorcery. The results have been interesting.

Many months ago, I posted about feeling things through my feet. I've begun doing this again. I've had the following results:

In a Uncle Harry's Bagel Shop: Swift Commerce
In a grocery store: Old Commerce
In a Subway Sandwich Shop: Pain/Old Earth. This was curious as I figured a few decades of 'bad neighborhood' couldn't damage the earth that way. I think someone was murdered nearby. I draw that conclusion because it felt the same as it did the one other time I felt that. That impression was very reliably confirmed.
In my office: Place of Labor
In the long empty office in the same building: Work Unit
On the grounds of my work place: Fading Pain. The sight has long been used as a hospital. In fact, there are two retired hospitals. The pain I felt was the grieving of the living for the recently dead. It was not the pain of the mental patients we serve now. Interesting.

I am finding it interesting how I can feel a difference in the energy at my feet and that different feel is instantly translated into words. The words are always something other than my preconceived notions of the place. Though, sometimes related. I can't say it was a stretch for Uncle Harry's to be swift commerce. But the word was swift and I was expecting successful. Others were much different than I expected. My general policy is to trust intuition that runs counter to my preconceived ideas.

I am not sure how to make this practical yet. However, the practice alone is fascinating.

My back has been horrendous of late. Really bad. It hasn't been this bad in over six months. Last night, I used the skills gained from the meditation and felt my own energy. I then tried to straighten the obvious detours that were either causing the pain or the result of it. I feel much better today.

I have also noticed that even in pain, if I walk and consciously draw power from the earth, I feel better. I can walk easier. This does take some concentration but not a great deal considering how new I am to the practice.


Frater POS said...

Note the coincidence between my post and the Shaman's post today. Did his thought form encourage me to apply my own skills? Did his thought form do its own healing and my work was just coincidental? Was it the other way around?

Gwynt-Siarad said...

Sorry if my thought form interfeared with your work. I should have asked first I know, but my desire to see you well and healthy was stronger then my sense. =)

Frater POS said...

Nonsense! No interference. I simply have no idea which of our works worked or if they both did. I appreciate the efforts of a friend I've met and whose services I've solicited help me.

If I was a reader of my blog that I've never met, I MAY be more concerned. Good intentions can pave the way to hell.