Sunday, November 15, 2009

New Blog/New Work

There is a new blog that went up last night. I have added it to my blog list on the lower right of the page.

The fellow that writes it is one of the nice guys of the occult community. He went from Wicca to Druidism over the years and does a lot on healing work. I've known him a bit less than a year. I am not sure what to say about him except that, like me, he is very much focused on what he does. I will let you learn about him as he writes.

He is the person I went to this weekend and asked about an issue I have. He did a journey and rather than solving my problem for me, he came back with a set of instructions for me to follow. I was a tad disappointed that I didn't have a solution simply handed to me as I've seen the results of his instant healing work. On the other hand, the fact that he didn't showed me a couple of things.

First, when he said my HGA spoke to him during the journey, I believed him because the tone of what was said sounds very much like my HGA. Secondly, my quiet of late HGA is being very loud in telling me as I write this that they did speak.

Second, he is wise enough to follow the advise of someone's else's spirit rather than imposing his own solutions. I know the Druid would have liked to help directly but he listened for guidance instead. That is a mark of wisdom and experience.

The advice he gave is how to deal with my shadow self or what I call my lower self. Recently, I was given the name of my lower self. I didn't quite know why but I made sure I didn't forget it. Then, I start learning how to work with the lower (but not less divine) realms of magick doing Jason's meditations. Next I'm told I have to deal with this character by the Shaman/Druid. I love the synchronicities of magick.

My task is to write a very specific journal on a nightly basis and two months his evoke my shadow and have a chat. I really doubt I will be posting the journal. I will be posting about the journal and the rest of this work. This may be quite the trying ride.


Amethyst said...

"The advice he gave is how to deal with my shadow self or what I call my lower self. Recently, I was given the name of my lower self."

Something about this feels fundamentally wrong. I do not think it makes sense to talk about or name a "shadow self" that needs to be "dealt with". Unless you are saying that there is literally some not-so-nice spirit who has latched itself onto you, force-feeding you negative thoughts and desires (an independent being who is not you or really a part of you), then I believe that talking about it (or to it!) as such is the wrong path to take. I worry that you will create a larger rift within yourself.

It sounds like you are trying to rid yourself completely of your lower desires and thoughts. I do not believe that this is possible. I would advise you to focus on acceptance and understanding, not on banishment and overcoming.

You say that you seek unity with the divine. How can you hope to achieve that when you are not even unified within yourself?

Frater POS said...

For someone that has not been exposed to the philosophies of doing the Great Work, you have some excellent instincts.

The evocation will literally externally parts of me that have been buried but 'leak out' in an uncontrolled manner. Have a discussion with it, and come to a level of understanding and reintegration.

I will not banish my lower self, nor will I allow it to run amok.

Some call this the guardian of the threshold. This is all those parts of me that I must deal with to advance. By evoking it as a distinct separate entity, I will be able to pass that guardian. A necessary step in continuing the work.

This is certainly not the last I will face.

St.Balthazar said...

This work sounds very interesting. I do hope you post some of your findings, if not a detailed account of the rite (which is understandable), then just some discussion about the process - I for one would be very interested to know more.

Frater POS said...

you're more likely to get a detailed account of the rite than from most folks. Some of the personal struggles of the writing of the diary will likely be excluded.