Tuesday, November 10, 2009


I tried a meditation exercise from Jason Miller's book strategic sorcery tonight. Actually, I liked it the first time so I did it again a couple hours later.

The effect were awesome. I could feel how one side of my body registered atavistic energy and how the other side blocked it. Then I felt that other side allow the movement of the Cthonic. Awesome. I've been a lot more sensitive to energy of late but this was very very specific.

Several hours later, I'm still buzzing and awake. I should have been asleep two hours ago.


The Scribbler said...

Which exercise are you talking about? The Pillar?

Rufus Opus said...

You gotta stop sniffin' that wicked cocaine.

Frater POS said...

The pillar with the sphere exercise. I actually woke up this morning still feeling the change. It isn't subtle. I could even feel the blockage in my back. I was able to manipulate the energy and make it feel better. Not perfect but significantly better.