Thursday, June 30, 2011

The Need to be Right

Stepping away from the need to be right or validated allows us to accept the opinion of others. Creating dissension with others is an attempt for the unconscious mind to feed that sense of self-worth and self-acceptance we crave to feel secure in our understanding of the world. I am not saying disagreeing with someone is unacceptable but there is a difference between disagreeing and an outright witch war over differences of personal perception. Disagreement is a normal part of life; pushing negativity and creating divides based on otherwise simple things is self-serving.

These are some very good words from Crystal Blanton from her book Bridging the Gap. I mentioned that I'd be posting bits of her book as I read it in my Pantheacon 2011 Review.

Yeah, I have posted in the past about my former need to always be right. This hit me as part of my early work.

For the locals, I have learned that Crystal will be appearing in Fresno at the Central Valley Pagan Pride Day.

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Stephen H. Provost said...

Great sentiments. I look forward to seeing her at CVPP!